Profile Piece - A Day with Lee Wakemans

2nd Mar 2023

Ava Lane - A Day with Lee Wakemans

Ava Lane, a Year 10 pupil from Cardiff High School, spent a day with Lee Wakemans to get some work experience and explore her passion for architecture, buildings and art.

Paul Wong, Director at Lee Wakemans, who started his career in the architectural sector, mentored Ava, to give her an impression of the architectural and construction industry. They focused on work around a residential construction site in South Wales that Lee Wakemans is project managing.

What did you do during your day with Lee Wakemans?

In the morning I looked at architectural drawings of the new construction site. Then I tried to draw some of my own architectural drawings for houses I would like to design. In the afternoon, I visited the new construction site and had a look around at the buildings. Paul was checking the buildings matched his plans.

What about architecture interests you?

I really love buildings. I am currently doing art GCSE and looking at the work of contemporary fine artist Ian Murphy, who is best known for his atmospheric drawings and paintings of architectural places. The art topic I have chosen is 'Neglected Corners', so I have been looking at abandoned buildings in Cardiff.

Do you see yourself working in a similar field in the future?

Yes, I would like to work in this field. I think it is more the design element that I am interested in, and I also like the idea of interior design as well. I'm very grateful to Paul and Lee Wakemans for giving me an educational and fun day with the company. It was an excellent introduction to the industry.

A comment from Paul Wong

It was great to have Ava with us for the day, and to be able to have provided her with an insight into our business. Ava demonstrated a lot of initiative and worked hard on the project she was set. Ava is welcome to come back and experience a different aspect of the business. There are many opportunities within the development consultancy and construction sectors that people might not initially consider, such as finance, IT, marketing, architecture, surveying as well as the more traditional roles.

Lee Wakemans is keen to further engage with schools, colleges and universities, as well as the wider community to inspire more people to consider starting or returning to a career in the industry, and to help address skills gap in the sector.