Extension to Newport's Serennu Children's Centre approved

28th Oct 2020

15th July 2020

PLANS for an extension to a children's centre in Newport have been approved by the city council.

The scheme will see a rebound room added to the Serennu Children's Centre in Rogerstone, which will include a sunken trampoline and a small climbing wall.

It will broaden facilities on offer at the centre, which provides care, treatment and activities for children and young people with disabilities and developmental difficulties.

No similar facilities are within an hour's drive of the site, according to the planning application.

There is a need for a rebound room within south east Wales to complement the existing services and facilities offered by the Serennu Children's Centre, a design and access statement says.

The provision of this centre will enable more children to access this valuable resource, and enable a wider programme of therapies.

The extension will measure 9.5 metres in width and have a height of six metres.

It will be built in the same style as the main children's centre, which is described as a modern building.

Three small trees will need to be removed, but a planning report says these were planted in addition to an approved landscaping scheme, and will be replaced elsewhere within the site.

A path will also need to be altered slightly so that it leads back to the front of the building.

A decision notice approving the plans was issued by Newport council earlier this month.