Better Breaktimes 2

18th Jun 2019

5th October 2018

Our 'Better Breaktimes' initiative is back, and plans are underway for our second outreach initiative at Pendoylan Primary School in Cowbridge.

We started the campaign to enhance children's outdoor space and provide them with greater opportunities for fun and interesting play-times, which is shown to be important for a child's development.

Our Project Manager, Tom Woodward, said "Following a few meetings with the school, we have a really good idea of what they need to enhance their outdoor spaces and make them more conducive to productive learning through play.

"We are doing it a bit differently this time, and have divided all the Lee Wakemans' employees into teams, who each have ownership of a specific area and budget. It's proving to be a great team building exercise, as everyone is working to maximise the benefits of their space and deliver the most they can for the school within their allocated budgets."

The Lee Wakemans' teams are aiming to deliver an outdoor classroom, eco garden and engaging outdoor play areas.

Tom added, "We held a workshop to discuss ideas, share resources and get the ball rolling, and the teams are now well on their way to delivering some fantastic results on the 19th October, when plans will be put into place."

We will keep you updated!