20th Mar 2019

I am the lightest I have been this century.

For quite a while I have been overweight, but being quite tall, I have been able to get away with it. But during my annual medical last year, I was advised to lose some weight, exercise a bit more and look after my health. Nothing dramatic.

Exercise I enjoy, especially in the form of sports, so it was a matter of increasing my badminton sessions from once a week to two or three times.

But dieting who fancies that? So I decided to take a project management approach to weight loss and diet. Firstly, I recognised that the objective was better eating. I then set myself a target of losing half a pound a week. I set a target of losing seven pounds from the start of September to Christmas. I lost nine pounds and it was not that hard. Now in March, I have lost one stone.


As any project manager will tell you, firstly define your objective, in detail. Then set a programme. We tend to eat in a semi-structured way. We know we will have three meals a day. We don't plan to, but will typically end up grazing on biscuits and other snacks. So  by planning what I was going to eat, it allowed for more structure. The key is to enjoy what you eat (as opposed to eat what you enjoy). If you can look forward to a dinner you will enjoy, you may avoid diverting to the chippies. Then by planning what it is you can eat, you can choose better options. Half a pound a week does not need a dramatic change, and is eminently achievable.

By losing over nine pounds over three months, I decided that I would take December off, what with all the festivities and so on. I thought I would put a few pounds back on. What I actually found was that I had retrained my expectations and did not automatically over eat. In December I stayed the same. So I started January at the same point as December and then just carried on and lost another five pounds over the next two months.

Now I feel a lot better for it, enjoy what I eat, and most importantly my badminton has improved.